David Lewis - UI/UX Design and Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator


  • Excellent working knowledge of web standards and CSS-driven layouts.
  • Thorough understanding of cross-browser and platform issues with the ability to troubleshoot and resolve rapidly.
  • Expertise in usability, human-computer interaction and graphic design for diverse UI solutions.
  • Excels in a team collaboration environment and solution brainstorming.
  • Exceptionally strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail.

Examples of projects I have worked on and their technologies.

  • Build cross-platform mobile applications using JSP, CSS, and lightweight graphics.
  • Utilize: XUL, JavaScript, PL/SQL and CSS to build a web based application.
  • Corporation Intranet built with PHP, MySQL, CSS, and XHTML.
  • Custom web sites built with hand coded HTML and PHP for a diverse range of clientele.


Bulldog Keno

Bulldog Keno was built for XpertX in Reno, NV. as a mobile solution to their very successful in-house Keno game.

My role in building this application was to use the latest responsive design techniques with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JSP that runs on the the CAPSA platform.

Built using the CAPSA platform.

Bally Technologies, Cash Spin

Bally Technologies wanted to build a proof of concept mobile version of their popular game “Cash Spin”.

My responsibilities included: creating all of the Graphics and Image Sprites, CSS, Javascript, and JSP that run on the CAPSA platform.

Built using the CAPSA platform.

Pechanga Resort and Casino

The application for Pechanga Resort and Casino is what Tarsin, Inc. coined a Concierge Application. This application provides customers with important information about the resort and provides the ability for the resort to push promotions to the customer.

I was responsible for all front-end development and graphics. In addition to the application itself, I was responsible for front-end development of the admin portion of the application. The admin software is a web-based interface that allows the resort to edit content and create promotions for their customers.

Built using the CAPSA platform.

Stations Casino, Sportsbook

The Sportsbook application is a sports betting application developed for Stations Casino, Inc. in Las Vegas. The application is an extension of their in-house Sportsbook and runs on iOS, Android, RIM and Windows devices.

I was responsible for front-end development and graphics on all of the different platforms.

Built using the CAPSA platform.

Wildfire Bingo

Built as a proof of concept for a mobile keno game.

I decided to use one optimized sprite image for the entire game. The animation was achieved by using a combination of CSS and Javascript.

Built using the CAPSA platform.

Hallmark Greeting Cards

Hallmark Greeting Cards is a mobile e-card application where users can send a variety of e-cards to their friends and family. The application was already published when I begin working on the project.

I was responsible for styling the iPhone and Android portion of the application.

Built using the CAPSA platform.


CAPSA is a lightweight application that has the ability to run a webview within a native application on the following platforms: iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry RIM, Android, and Symbian.


Web Applications


TempNet4 is a web-based application built for CLP Resources, Inc. This application is used by over 50 branches to manage workers, jobs, companys, billing and payroll information for contractors in the construction industry. This application utilizes XUL, JavaScript, PL/SQL, and CSS to manage and display data to many different levels of users.

My role in building this application was to style the application using CSS and custom graphics while focusing on customer usability. In addition to the core application, I was responsible for creating and maintaining a Wiki support system for the application.

I was also responsible for setting up and managing a Wiki documentation system for developers.


Agility is a web-based application that was built to allow customers of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. to create and track specification requests for flash memory.

My role in building this application was to develop an intuitive interface and style it using css and custom graphics. The application’s back end was built using jsp.


BrainSSTorm is an intranet built for SST, Inc. This project utilized PHP, MySQL, and CSS to build a tool for the 500+ employees. This application was built from the ground up and required gathering employee requests, creating detailed specs of possible tools, comp reviews with upper management and the CEO, and building the front end of the application in XHTML.

Here are some of the features this robust tool provides for the company.

  • Calendar of Events
  • Corporate Site Management
  • Company Organizational Chart
  • Employee Management
  • Employee Profiles
  • File Sharing
  • News Articles
  • Task Manager


e-Flash is a tool that was created to track product sales at SST, Inc. This application utilizes JSP and SQL to organize data received from SST’s shipping companies.

My role in this application was to build the “MAP” interface for the sales team, so that each sales representative could easily reference up to date information on their customers. The application is accessible over a secure connection while out in the field and enables the sales team to see what their customers paid for each unit and the quantity of units shipped.


Web Design

With over 16 years of experience in web technology, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of technologies, industries, and clientele. The majority of my web design projects utilize PHP, CSS, and MySQL.


While working at Silicon Storage Technology Inc., One of my responsibilities was to help build and maintain the company website.

I was responsible for the layout, graphics, HTML, CSS, and the design of the administration portion which was built into the company intranet. See BrainSSTorm in the Web Applications sectio to learn more about the SST intranet project.

The Just Catering website was built using PHP, CSS and JavaScript. I was responsible for everything on this site.

Salvator Pecoraro is a Bay Area artist whose career spans 50 years. He was an art teacher for 40 years before retiring and has many large installations scattered throughout the Bay Area. One of his most visible projects is the fountain at De Anza College. I designed and coded the site using: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and I was responsible for editing and cropping all of the images to give the site a consistent look and feel.

Felicia Events is a great company for all of your wedding and event needs. She also handles tuxedo rentals and has great connections for putting on extravagant events throughout the Lake Tahoe area. If you are planning a large event, give her a call. I built her website using PHP, MySQL, and CSS. I was responsible for all of the content, cropping and styling images.

Get Music was a project I worked on while I was at iVendor. The concept of this company was to enable a customer to run a store similar to Amazon with a custom "Skin" to the core application. The customer could choose from a wide range of products to sell in their store and all of the products, ordering, shipping were handled by iVendor.

I was responsible for the layout, graphics, HTML and CSS.


Graphic Design

Ever since my Dad brought home the Macintosh 128 with MacPaint, I have been a fanatic about creating images on the computer. Since that day, I have created thousands of images some of which are still on floppy discs.
Below are a few of my favorites.



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CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator.

  • Excellent working knowledge of web standards and responsive design.
  • Thorough understanding of cross-browser and platform issues with the ability to troubleshoot and resolve rapidly.
  • Expertise in usability, human-computer interaction and graphic design for diverse UI solutions.
  • Excels in a team collaboration environment and solution brainstorming.
  • Exceptionally strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail.


UI Developer – Tarsin, Inc. 09/09 – Present

  • Build custom mobile applications using HTML, CSS, JSP, and JavaScript.
  • Support multiple devices, including but not limited to: iPhone, Android, Rim, Windows, and Nextel.
  • Develop a customized admin interface for maintaining mobile applications.
  • Develop and maintain the company intranet.

User Interface Designer / Developer – CLP Skilled Trade Solutions 03/08-04/09

  • Utilize XUL, CSS and JavaScript to build a User Interface for a web based application that is used for managing staff in the construction industry.
  • Primary focus is on usability and human-computer interaction with strict attention to detail.
  • In addition to the core application, also responsible for design and development of the help system Wiki, installation interface, splash screen, interactive maps and custom instant message interface.

Web Designer – Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. 12/00-11/05

  • Responsible for design and front end code of all the company’s web based applications.
  • Conceptualized and designed all new Intranet tools that would expedite company processes including: Hiring, Budget and Employee rating and reviews.
  • Developed and maintained Flash animated tutorials to assist employees in using the intranet.
  • Designed and maintained innovative customer-facing site that provides easy, online order status and tracking.
  • Designed a customer profile tool which provided order tracking, return management, and contact information for SST sales representatives.

Web Designer – iVendor, Inc. 11/99-11/00

  • Coordinated with Engineering, Account Management, and Merchandising to create innovative and exciting E-Commerce solutions for business-to-business customers while adhering to their corporate guidelines.
  • Conceptualized multiple user interface comp designs and wireframe layouts for websites and in-store kiosks.
  • Managed the design of projects from comp mock-ups to fully functioning sites.
  • Utilized Flash to create animated promotional banners.
  • Optimized graphics for cross-platform compatibility.

Graphic Designer – Bay Area Exhibits 11/98-11/99

  • Designed and animated three-dimensional models of intricate trade show exhibit booths for customer presentations.
  • Interfaced with clients to design their company logos and large-scale graphics.
  • Created renderings by applying color, light, and texture to wire frame models.
  • Implemented an archiving solution to store all historical design data.
  • Provided price quotes based upon the complexity of customer’s needs.
  • Coordinated the graphic process from ordering through shipment of final product.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – California State University Long Beach, 1994
  • Associate Arts – Mesa Jr. College, San Diego, 1992